Global Pandemic on Paper, 3/19/20

Doily Dress 2020

Global crises were never my strong suit. Nor were disease, danger, doubt, or waiting in line to go **IN** to a supermarket. Less than four weeks ago, the world fell apart and was taken over by a dark cloud providing nothing but a promise that things were only going to get worse — and, as much as I am overcome by art, I don’t think the world needs another photo of the empty shelves at Trader Joe’s.

But even as our fates stare us in the face (without touching it), we know that there is one thing within this dark uncertainty that we DO have control over: our feelings. Aside from the rapid news updates and our cozy social media feeds, we have very little to hold onto except ourselves, and I, the forever indoors girl that I am, took this as an opportunity to give our voices a new platform. One that has a body and the freedom to move if it must.

Last week I invited you to send me one-line description of what was on your mind and invite you, now, to see how these voices have taken shape. They are alive and meant to be seen, felt, and heard. We’ve chosen to stick together during this time of crisis and that, alone, speaks volumes.

Thank you so much, everyone! (If you would like to add something, please send it over. We have an entire back!)


Doily Dress Back 2020

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Help Me Make This Dress

Post it dress _ union sq

This is an invitation to send me a one-line description of what’s on your mind right now, and I will add it to the talking dress that I will design and build, myself. I’ll be accepting answers until midnight tonight.

Please comment here or email me at

Thank you so much! Let’s put our feelings in motion.


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“V to Shining V” with Buzz Off, Lucille, 9/27/2014


Buzz Off, Lucille knows how to throw a party. On September 27th, the veteran lady sketch team joined forces with the Reproductive Health Access Project to celebrate “V to Shining V” – a national holiday created by Lady Parts Justice where women across the country can gather, celebrate, and strategize how to protect access to reproductive healthcare. I entered the party covered in paper flowers.

After the speeches, party games, and roar-out-loud comedy by Naomi Ekperigin and Alise Morales, I asked our guests to write down personal messages from their lady parts.  A walking conversation piece, if you will. A little something to remind folks that there are no small lady *parts,* just small-mindedness.

It was a big night and we were lucky enough to get it all on dress. So, here you are.

“If this V could talk…”


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Thanks for writing!


unnamed 21a



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We’re in the crowd funding stage! Bring this nightmare to life!
Check out my promo video!!!

Music by Cuervo Jones!

***Betabrand… foreverrrrr****

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HOUSE, Washington Square Park, 5/18/2014

I decided to construct a house. I… *WAIT* I can explain:


The purpose of it was to ask people to define, “Home.” It’s a simple question, but it’s also really, really not. It was a great opportunity to take a white, plain house onto the streets and give it a chance to live a little bit. It even rode the subway. (The house needed to get out.)

For me, Home is:

– When I’m with people who can back me up

– Wherever I can draw comfortably with good lighting

– The movie JAWS

I was curious to know what the rest of New York thought, so here you are. Welcome to our house:

I’m looking forward to planning my next project. I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking…. Refrigerator (or Closet.)




Photos by Amanda Santo!




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Please Vote for My Monster Dress!

Thank you to everyone who voted! My dress still has 6 days left to get as many votes as it can. If you haven’t checked out Betabrand’s page and voted yet, could you please? Thank you!

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My monsters need your vote!


My Monster Dress made it to Betabrand’s website and I need your *VOTES!* If enough people vote for me in the next 29 days, the dress can become an actual Betabrand product!
Please vote for me!

These monsters love you!



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Spotlight Your Talent 2/28/2014

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Presented by Red Shark Entertainment and Creative Spotlights.

Spotlight Your Talent provides opportunities to network and build stronger relationships in the entertainment industry. It was a chance to meet NYC’s most talented upcoming artists. The dress code was “Dress to Impress,” so I dressed as the guestbook.

Here are last night’s upcoming artists!

Dannyy Severance

Kiirstin Marilyn

Natalia Segura

The R.O.A.R

DownBeat Keys

The event will be hosted by radio personality

J Niice

Event Sponsored by

Balls Vodka
Steven Memel

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NYC Social Society, 2/21/2014


A good way to attend a Meetup event is to *wear* a Meetup event.

The NYC Social Society has hosted over 460 networking opportunities at the Empire Hotel. I definitely recommend going! Bring a friend. Talk to people. Experience the Open Bar’ness of the situation. It’s a good opportunity – in my case – to ask guests to write personal stream of consciousness messages. We had a walking document of the entire evening.

I met fashion designers, musicians, doctors, engineers, and the DJ himself. By the end of the night, my dress was covered in ‘Society.’

Eric Vega hosts the NYC Social Society meetup group has over 8,000+ members with 460+ past successful events.

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